Common Forms of Synthetic Drugs That Are Easily Accessible

Despite the title, synthetic drugs are not something to celebrate about. Synthetic drugs refer to artificial drugs made by man and is also another term for designer drugs. They are harmful yet still remain accessible to the general public because it is able to show itself as a legal substance. To add to that, synthetic drugs are not labeled as such and they often take the form of household products.

Two Types of Synthetic Drugs

There are two types of synthetic drugs – cathinones and cannabinoids. Cathinones is a substance found in the khat plant. It is considered to give a stimulating effect to anyone who takes it in. On the other hand, cannabinoids are found in the cannabis plant and it is known to give all sorts of effects in the brain including the feeling of being high.

Kinds of Synthetic Drugs that are Easily Accessible

Most synthetic drugs are not labeled as such and that is one of the reasons that they pass the drug test. They are perfectly legal and well hidden into products and that’s why even children can have access to these especially if they know how to look.

For you to be able to prevent yourself and your loved ones from taking in drugs unknown to you, here is a short list of common forms of synthetic drugs.

1. Bath salts

Bath salts, despite its name, are actually a designer drug. They fall under the cathinones type of drug which means they are similar to amphetamines. Because of its name, bath salts are legal under the law. Who would have thought that something so innocently named can bring you to a state of high?

2. Methamphetamine

This drug is probably the most common kind of synthetic drug. Most of the time, it can be created in a lab or even a garage garages. There is a lot of material on how to make this type of drug and this is mainly the reason as to why people have learned to produce this on their own.

3. Ecstasy

Often termed as a “club drug”, ecstasy often gives a euphoric feeling to those who take it. Often in tablet form, ecstasy is often used by people who go to parties to make their party experiences more enjoyable. Ecstasy is also famous for increasing the desire of people which then translates to an increase of sexual tension among party goers, adults, and teenagers alike.

There are many more synthetic drugs on the market that cause serious short-term and long-term effects on its users. They are often found in convenience stores and tobacco stands in gasoline stations.

If they are illegal drugs, then why not ban them?

The problem with this is that not even the agencies that test for drugs are able to spot synthetic drugs. At the same time, some drugs are easily manufactured and that’s what makes the distribution of drugs a lot quicker. Not all drugs are obvious and the substances are not even seen in the products’ ingredients.

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