Dangers of Binge Drinking in College Students


When you’re in college, it’s so easy to get caught up in parties and events that you don’t notice how much alcohol you’ve been drinking. You may not notice it, but excessive alcohol consumption can give long-term and short-term effects aside from the hangover you’ll get the next day. This excessive drinking is called binge drinking. However, binge drinking is not only common among college students; adult people of all ages binge drink. You can also define binge drinking as drinking five or more drinks in a span of two hours for men while four or more drinks for women.

Although binge drinking doesn’t equate to alcoholism, having this behavior will increase your probability to become an alcoholic yourself. Here are a few health complications you might get with continued binge drinking.

1. Injuries and Accidents

One of the short-term dangers you could get is an injury caused by an accident. When you are drunk and still insist on driving, the risk of getting into an accident is high because all of your senses will not be functioning properly. You can also get into other types of accidents like falling off the stairs, crashing into a tree or another vehicle, or drowning. These accidents can lead to injuries and long-term health complications like damages to the brain, limbs, and spinal cord.

2. Alcoholism

When you continue to binge drink, there is a chance that you end up continuously craving for more alcohol. As you consume more alcohol, your tolerance to it increases and so you need more of it to feel its effects.

This turns into alcoholism. Alcoholism is a psychological disorder wherein the addict unconsciously looks for alcohol. When a person is an alcoholic, they tend to be depressed or irritable. They can also experience mood swings when they do not have any alcohol in their system.

3. Liver Problems

Most people already know that drinking too much alcohol will damage your liver. This is because your liver filters out what you eat and drink. When too much alcohol is consumed, you can experience inflammations like fatty liver, and alcoholic hepatitis. There is also a risk of developing cirrhosis, a condition wherein your liver is scarred and won’t be able to function properly.

4. Heart Complications

Although drinking the right amount of alcohol a day can help improve health, misuse can lead to serious heart complications. Your heart may give way and it can stretch and droop causing cardiomyopathy. There is also a high chance of experiencing a stroke and high blood pressure.

5. Depression

This is often the case for college students as they are in the age of being “in-between”. The new environment college offers can aggravate a student and they can seek the comfort that drinking gives. To add to that, young people can also feel lonely even when they are surrounded by people especially when these people tend to drink a lot all the time. They would have a feeling of emptiness and little do they know that it is already a sign of depression.

6. Academic Consequences

Last but surely not the least is the low grades that students get. Binge drinking makes you fall behind in class, miss classes, and get poor scores in papers and exams.

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