Depression Among Teenagers


As more and more people start to be vocal about being depressed, the term “depression” is also starting to be used in the wrong context. Using this major mental illness loosely can cause friction with those who are really diagnosed with this because their struggle will come off as simple.

Imagine someone who was only sad for a few moments claiming that he or she is depressed. What does that make someone who is clinically depressed feel? Also, when the first person claims that he is immediately out of depression, this adds pressure to those who have been struggling with this mental illness in years. In other words, their pain and the gravity of their illness might be underestimated.

What Depression Is

As said a while ago, depression is a kind of mental illness that greatly affects how a person sees himself and other people, how they interact with others, how they do certain things, and how they handle stress and disappointment. This is often associated with feelings of sadness and loss of will, but there are cases where depression is silent.

Symptoms of depression are:

• loss of appetite
• excessive drowsiness or loss of sleep by being restless
• extreme pessimism
• loss of interest in the things one used to enjoy
• constantly feeling sad and alone
• constantly feeling that he or she has no purpose in life
• immediate feelings of fatigue and loss of energy
• inability to focus for long periods of time

Although some people feel this from time to time, a person should experience some of these symptoms for a period of two weeks for them to be considered as depressed.

An important thing to note as well is that depression is very different from a grieving stage and sadness. The latter is temporary as with feelings of happiness and disappointment. The former somewhat stretches for more than two weeks (especially when it’s caused by the loss of a loved one), but it is also only a person’s natural response to loss.

What Causes Depression?

There are many factors that cause depression. It can be traumatic experiences as a child (harassment, bullying, etc.) or being surrounded by an abusive environment.

Depression Among Teens

Depression seems to be an upward trend among teenagers as time passes. A lot of people will blame teens’ inability to face the world with courage and their “weak” attitude, but psychiatrists and psychologists alike beg to differ. While they are cases where some people have a weaker personality than most, a lot of outside forces should also be considered. Are they experiencing something in their life that causes great trouble and sadness? Are they being bullied or harassed? Has something triggered their subconscious to decrease the production of happy hormones? These questions might just give you an answer as to what causes depression in some teenagers.

Lastly, everyone has been depressed for a time. A lot of people will tell you that being a teenager is equally fun and difficult. It’s difficult because you’re in an “in between” stage where you are transitioning from being a child to becoming an adult. There are also other hormones involved that mess up the way your brain perceives things. In any case, when you know someone who is experiencing depression, try to understand where they are coming from and recommend reaching for professional help.

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