Lessons to Be Learned from Keith Urban’s Journey to Sobriety

It is no secret that many of the anetpl’s biggest stars have serious addiction issues. While many of these stars’ addictions have ultimately spelled the doom of their careers, there are those who didn’t give up hope of having to realize their true potential once they break free from the clutches of addiction. One such beautiful story is that of Keith Urban who is now sober for 12 years. All he needed was the right motivation and the guidance of a sobriety sponsor to reap the full benefits of being sober.

When the country singer gave a speech in Texas during the South by Southwest Music Conference, the 50-year old Urban said that he had been addicted to cocaine and ecstasy for many years. He admitted himself to a drug rehabilitation program twice and had difficulty keeping relationships. He was also a known alcoholic. The combination of drugs and alcohol, surprisingly did not take its full toll on Urban except for the fits of major depression.

It was only when Urban was married to Nicole Kidman that things started to turn for the better, although it wasn’t until 4 months after tying the knot that the bankable actress decided to take control. Kidman staged an intervention and this jumpstarted Urban’s now-legendary journey from a self-confessed alcoholic and drug addict to one of the music industry’s most respected names.

There are many lessons to be learned from Keith Urban’s journey to sobriety. In a way, all that was needed was someone to take a very big, bold move to get Urban to acknowledge the existence of a problem and that only professional help can redirect his life and achieve his truest potentials.

The issue with most substance abusers, dependents, and addicts is that they don’t have a Nicole Kidman in their lives. She doesn’t have to be the Hollywood actress everyone adores. The point is someone very close to these individuals, someone who they trust, hasn’t been brave enough to stand up to their loved ones and tell them that their addictions are destroying their lives.

The country singer did acknowledge that the road to sobriety is never an easy one. And this is where the unflinching support of his family, particularly his wife and 2 kids, as well as people who love the family made the whole difference.

People going through addiction rehabilitation also need the same support as they weather the storms in their lives. This support must come from their families and significant others. Support groups especially those that espouse continuing activities to maintain sobriety also help.

While it is easy to say that Urban has all the best resources in the world owing to his stature, ordinary folks can still find effective and more meaningful programs for them to start leading a life away from addiction without necessarily creating a large hole in their pockets.

Keith Urban may be talking about his experiences only now, but the lessons to be learned are priceless, especially for individuals who may be on the same path as Urban’s before marrying Kidman 12 years ago.

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