Symptoms That A Loved One Might Be Getting High

In spite of several regulations, the use of marijuana is still widespread. A lot of adults and teenagers alike tend to overuse this drug and this causes them to reach a certain high.

Getting high refers to the mental state of a person who has taken in drugs. It’s often a phrase used when people who take drugs experience unusual changes in their mood and in their thoughts. People who are high tend to feel very excited or elated while others start getting hallucinations. Because the tolerance level of people is different, symptoms may vary. Nonetheless, there are still general signs that will tell you if a person is getting high.

Symptoms of Getting High

1. Anxiety and Panic

One of the more common symptoms is anxiety and panic. To identify if someone is high, notice if they are excessively anxious and look at the reason of their anxiety. These two things are important because anxiety and panic are common feelings of a person. Everyone experiences these, but for you to know if it’s caused by drugs, you should observe if they’re being excessive about it.

People who are high tend to be very anxious. They tend to panic even about the most mundane of things. Because their brain is unable to focus, panic sets in when they randomly think about something that is bothersome.

2. Mood Swings

Everyone experiences mood swings, but the difference with drug-induced people is that they go to the extremes of moods. One moment they’re happy and the next they’re depressed. It’s also the same thing if they’re lively now, but a few minutes later they’ll run out of motivation to even move a muscle.

3. Red Eyes

This symptom is pretty obvious and there’s not much explanation needed. Just trust that one of the most obvious symptoms of getting high is the reddening of the eyes.

4. Delayed Reactions

Because the brain is already being fuzzy, those who are high will be slow to respond to stimuli. There are drugs that dull the brain, while there are drugs that blur the connection between your brain to your muscles. That is why when you hit someone who is high, they will not always respond to you. There will be times that it would take them a few seconds before they react while some don’t react or feel anything at all.

At the same time, those who are high will have poor muscle coordination. It would take them a long time to move and their bodies will often become slow and lazy.

5. Increased blood pressure and heart rate

This goes without saying that when you take drugs, your blood pressure increases. At the same time, your heart rate will shoot up, too. These symptoms occur because the drugs stimulate your nerves and your brain. This becomes a go signal for your heart rate and blood pressure to increase in pace.

To be able to know that your loved one has these symptoms, you can check their blood pressure and observe how they react to their heart rate. Surely, they will show signs of palpitations.

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