Why Yoga and Exercise are Important in Early Recovery

Houston Rehab Center knows that by treating the whole person, including the mind, body, and the spirit, we offer individuals the best opportunity for healing and successful long-term recovery.  In our constant effort at staying current on how to provide our resident’s with the very best available treatments, we are very aware of the many positive benefits that exercise offers individuals who are in recovery from substance use disorders.  Therefore, our client’s stay at Houston Rehab Center includes a membership to The Houston Gym.

Some of the latest research into addiction treatment indicates that healthy lifestyle changes, such as exercise, and yoga can significantly help recovering addicts resist the urge to relapse.  Exercise alters the brain chemistry so that endorphins are released creating a natural high.  These are the same endorphins released when individuals abuse substances.  Drugs basically trigger the reward system in the brain and cause certain chemicals associated with reward and pleasure to flood the system.  Exercise is a natural way to get that feeling.  Exercise also provides an individual with a sense of achievement when certain goals are met.

When individuals are engaged in the disease of addiction they tend to neglect important components of daily health which results in detriments to emotional and physical well-being.  It is essential to repair the psychological and physical damage of chemical dependency as well as the damaged mind-body-spirit connection.  Exercise significantly helps to reintegrate this connection by improving circulation, strengthening the heart, relieving stress and anxiety, maintaining weight, sharpening the mind, and aids in sweating toxins out of the body.

Houston Rehab Center residents are utilizing their membership at The Houston Gym to exercise and thus they are experiencing improved sleep, greater energy, and enhanced feelings of well-being, all which make life much more manageable and enjoyable and recovery that much more possible and sustainable.

Yoga has proven to be a successful therapeutic intervention for those who have struggled with substance use disorders.  Research has shown that the holistic approach to treating addiction and focusing on every aspect of an individual (including the mind, body, and the spirit) gives those who are working towards the goal of long-term recovery the greatest chance at success.  Yoga and meditation help recovering addicts learn to sit quietly and calm the body and mind with breath, and experience feelings of peace and comfort.  Learning different yoga postures gives addicts the skills they need to tolerate the uncomfortable feelings and sensations such as anxiety and stress that can lead to relapses.  On the wonderful journey of recovery, Houston Rehab center’s clients are experiencing yoga as an activity that empowers them with the ability to access a peaceful, restorative inner state that integrates the mind, body, and the spirit!

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